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About VIP

To build on the organization’s financial empowerment programs, and through previous experience working exclusively with childcare providers, NGCDC provides the Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) which offers support services to a broader range of small business owners. The VIP initiative offers a tailored, group, and individual training approach to grow and launch a small business. The purpose of the program is to guide the entrepreneur through a process that has been shown to work among small business practitioners and teach them the business fundamentals they need to be successful. Beyond the training, the relationship with VIP does not end at a specific point, as ongoing support services and networking increase the client’s connection with the organization, rather than setting a specific endpoint to each engagement.

When you become a member of VIP, you receive:

  • Business Tax Preparation through the Delaware Tax & Financial Services Campaign
  • Assistance with getting your business organized so that you are prepared at tax time to maximize the rewards of owning a business
  • Access to microloans to make purchases for your business and other financial services
  • Business Advisory Services & Workshops to help you manage your business
  • Individual Counseling for personal financial fitness


Informative videos by the Small Business Association (SBA) & Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

Business Use of Your Home (IRS Video Portal)
Discussion Topics will include simplified and regular option for claiming the home office deduction; requirements for qualifying to deduct expenses; types of expenses you can deduct and how to figure the deduction.

Home Office Deduction
Find out from IRS experts which expenses are deductible, and which are not, in a home office.

Learn from IRS experts about the best way to keep records for tax purposes.

Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business
Learn from IRS experts about what is a Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, and who needs to file it.

Small Business Assocation | Delivering Success: Marketing 101
Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business success. Explore marketing techniques four entrepreneurs used to build their customer base. The US Small Business Administration and the US Postal Service bring you Delivering Success—video interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share the lessons they’ve learned about owning a small business.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Your guide to the health insurance marketplace.

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Small Business Services

What is a virtual incubator?
The business incubator has evolved over the years since its inception. The traditional model required start-up companies to operate at one specific location. Today’s virtual incubator model affords clients access to a variety of advisory services and other resources without actually being located at a physical incubator site. Think of it as a “One-Stop” shop for starting and growing a business venture.

Who qualifies for the services?
The services are available to a broad range of business owners.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you work with start-ups businesses?
Yes, We offer services to help start-up businesses create a solid foundation with business planning, personal money management, and access to capital.

What services are available for existing businesses?
We work with established businesses to help you gain overall management of your business with advisory services related to business planning and personal money management.  We help your business in growth areas such as marketing, access to capital, and cash flow management.

How do I qualify for a loan?
The small business loans are provided by our partner, the Women’s Opportunities Resource Center (WORC).   The program provides start-up loans ranging from $500 to $2,500, and expansion loans from $2,500 to $10,000.  You must meet the income guidelines of 80% of median income as defined by HUD.  Collateral is not a requirement but may be requested for larger loans and for most products, credit need not be perfect but must be either in repair or repairable.

How do I get started?
You can call for an appointment at 302.655.0803.

Small Business Taxes & Other Services

Can you help me file a business return?
Yes.  You must make an appointment by dialing 211 from January 1 – March 31.  Your contact information will be forwarded to our office, and we will contact you. Otherwise, you can call the office directly.

Do I need to file a business return?
There are many benefits that come from being your own boss. If you work for yourself, as an independent contractor, or you carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor, you are generally considered to be self-employed. It is highly likely you will need to file an IRS Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, or C-EZ, Net Profit from Business, with your Form 1040. Click here for more information.

Can you help me get organized so I can get my return prepared?
Yes.  You can schedule an appointment with us!

Is there access to financial products or services?
Yes. We partner with a local bank (Artisans’) for individuals who want to open a savings account; the US Treasury for Savings Bonds, and another partner for Prepaid Debit Card accounts.